Find Your Dream Job In 5 Simple Steps

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Finding that all elusive ‘dream job’ can seem like a daunting task.However, as impossible as...

Finding that all elusive ‘dream job’ can seem like a daunting task.

However, as impossible as it might seem, with the right amount and planning, finding your dream job might not be as unattainable as you think.

Four Seasons’ Associate Director, Gemma Worrow, highlights 5 steps that will help with your search.

Discover what is important to you.

Firstly you need to understand what you want and how you want to work.

  • What are your interests?
  • What makes you passionate?
  • What are your ambitions?

When you know this, take to the internet to research roles that map to your personal values, skills and goals. If necessary, take a few courses, which could be beneficial to the position you are looking for.

Do not be deterred by a lack of experience.

When you are putting together your CV or preparing for a first interview, think about how your current skills can be applied to the job requirements. Having a lack of experience in one area can be balanced by other strengths, so make sure you highlight them.

Look after your brand.

If someone did an online search for you, what would they find? One of the first tasks a recruiter will do after looking at your CV is check out your profiles on social media. Be careful what your post and share! Any photos of you out at the pub, for example, ensure that your privacy settings are private – first impressions do count! LinkedIn is an excellent platform for selling yourself professionally; ask for recommendations from your past employers and peers.

Tell a story.

Have you ever been put on the spot in an interview where you have no idea what to say? We’ve all been there! Memorising a few stories of past experiences or highlighting your personal values is an excellent way to get out of these awkward situations! Having a few tales stored away in your pocket will help to keep the recruiter engaged and foster a relationship with you as a person and not just a candidate.

Chase your dreams!

If you know the company you want to work for, don’t be afraid to call them or send them your CV. Not all roles are advertised online. If a potential employer has tried and failed to fill a position in-house, your CV may have come just at the right time! Most employers also hold on to CVs, so if there is nothing available when you apply, it doesn’t mean that an opportunity won’t come up in the future.

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