A Guide To Temping

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How is temping different from part-time work?

Part-time work usually runs on a contract basis, where you will need to work the same shifts every week. Temping offers you as many shifts as your schedule allows and you can change your availability from week to week. All you need to do is update our Temp team to exclude that day from your schedule. Of course, this will always require notice. We offer great incentives in return for your commitment to us.

Is temping beneficial if I am looking for a full-time role?

Temping is a great stepping stone and gives you the opportunity to gain the experience necessary for a permanent position down the line. It also allows you to work across many different brands and locations if you'd like, giving you better insight into what type of role and brand you would prefer.

Temping is also a great way to get contacts within the industry, which might help you land a permanent role in the future.

How flexible is temping?

Temping is incredibly flexible and ideal if you have other commitments, for example, university, auditions, shows, or another job. You can adapt your shifts and availability each week to accommodate any priorities you might have.

We also pay you weekly, so it is a great way to earn money, quickly.

What type of brands and locations can I temp with?

We work with a wide variety of brands across luxury fashion, homeware, footwear and lifestyle. We have temp bookings to fill all over London in luxury boutiques, as well as world-famous department stores.

How does the application process work?

So, if you have decided that temping is something you would like to pursue, you now need to either:

  1. Have a look on our website to see if any role in particular interests you, and then submit your application
  2. Send your CV across by creating an account on our website
  3. Send your CV directly to temping@fsrl.co.uk 

Once one of our Candidate Consultants have reviewed your CV and experience, we will be in touch to get to know you a bit more over the phone. If your experience is relevant you will be invited to one of our introduction sessions at our offices in Oxford Circus. This is for us to tell you a little bit more about Four Seasons Recruitment and how temping with us works, while we get to meet you in person and find out more about you and your preferences around brands and locations. You will also meet our friendly team so you know who your support network is once you start working. If you are successful at your introduction we will need to process two work references. Once we have these and you have given us your availability - we can book you in to work!

What’s next?

So, you have been successful and are beginning to temp with Four Seasons Recruitment. You now need to contact our Temp Team each week with your availability for the following week. If you have a free day with no shift, you can put your name on our daily standby list.

One last thing - we want to hear from you! It is important that you are in constant communication with our Temp Team so that we are aware of how you are getting on, what brands you like, and your availability to work. If there is anything we can do to help, please call our office on 0208 237 8900.

How to be a temp superstar!

  • Call our office regularly to update your availability
  • Take a photo of your timesheet and send it to timesheets@fsrl.co.uk by midnight on Sunday
  • Call our office to be added to our daily standby list if you are free and keen to work
  • Adhere to Four Seasons' dress code at all times unless stated otherwise on your booking confirmation
  • Be on the shop floor 15 minutes before your shift starts
  • Provide excellent customer service, be proactive, and smile!
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