When A Recruitment Consultant Calls

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WHEN A RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT CALLS.........It is highly likely that you will receive calls ...


It is highly likely that you will receive calls from Recruitment Consultants during your career. Especially if you are in a skill short sector, where demand from employers for stand out candidates is high.

Here are some tips for when you receive that call:

  • Take the call. Even if you are not looking for a move. It will be worthwhile if you make a good contact for the future.
  • Validate them. Ask them for specific details of why they are calling and expect them to discuss a vacancy that is relevant to you. Ask them to email you a job description and the identity of their client.
  • Check them out on Linkedin, are they experienced enough for you to trust them with your career? A good Recruitment Consultant will share meaningful information with you. A vague call is not worth continuing.
  • Be discreet and honest. Do not give confidential information to a Recruitment Consultant that you have not met. If you are not interested in a job move, say so.
  • Treat the call as a networking opportunity, be open and share your thoughts. You might know of someone else suitable. Next time that Recruiter calls the vacancy might be exactly right for you at the right time.

At Four Seasons Recruitment we take time to identify the right candidates that match the requirements of our client. The best candidates are ‘passive’, they are not actively looking, they do not post their CV to a job board. Our aim is to source and match the best candidate for the job. 

So if we call you, it will be for a good reason.

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