What To Do In The Lead Up To Your Interview

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Whether you are at the very start of your career and looking for your first role in the fash...

Whether you are at the very start of your career and looking for your first role in the fashion industry or you are mid-career looking for a new challenge, you’re almost certainly going to have several interviews to deal with. Because fashion is such a popular industry to work in it means competition is intense so regardless of how good your application is, how impressive your qualifications are or how extensive your experience is, if you don’t interview well, chances are you won’t secure the role in question.

 The key to interview success is preparation. Take the time in the days leading up to your interview to fully prepare and you’ll find the interview much easier to deal with and you might actually end up enjoying the experience! And of course, you’ll have a much better chance of securing the job! The week before your interview Unless it’s a last minute interview, you’ll almost always have a week or at least a few days beforehand to prepare. This time should be used wisely and whilst you may find yourself getting nervous and stressed, this will decrease the more preparation you do. 

During this time, you need to start doing your research. Whatever type of role you are going for in the fashion industry, showing that you have done your research in an interview is a really positive sign to your interviewers. Start with the company website and build up a good general knowledge of the company. Check out relevant trade websites and publications too to give yourself a wider knowledge of the market(s) they operate in and general fashion industry news. 

Take a good look at their competitor websites too. Also think about what sort of questions will be asked of you and how you will answer them. The day before your interview When it gets to the day before your interview, you should have done plenty of research on the company, its markets and thought about the type of questions you will be asked. That means on the day before your interview, you can concentrate on some of the more practical elements of a successful interview. Print a couple of copy of your CV off. Your interviewer will already have a copy but having one of your own to refer to can be very useful. Also, take copies of any documentary evidence of your achievements. Check your transport options. If you are going by car, do you have enough petrol?

 Do you know where you are going? Are there any planned roadworks? If you’re using public transport, do you know the exact bus or train you need to get and at what time? Meticulous transport planning will ensure that you don’t have to worry about getting there on time on the day The day before you should shower and wash your hair as well as preparing your interview clothing.

 You’ll be glad if for whatever reason you get up late! The day of your interview The big day has finally arrived so you should get up early and give yourself plenty of time to get your head together, get ready and prepare properly. Getting up early gives you time to have a proper breakfast too. Being hungry during an interview can be a big distraction and can affect your concentration. After that, if you’ve done all your preparation properly it’s simply a case of getting on with it. 

Try to enjoy the experience because it’s not a test or an exam, it’s an opportunity for you to exhibit why you are the best candidate for the role. Smile, be confident and you’ll give yourself the best chance of securing the job.

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