What Should You Do AFTER Your Interview?

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Call Your Recruitment Consultant If you have secured an interview at a company through ...

Call Your Recruitment Consultant If you have secured an interview at a company through a recruitment agency, then once you have come out of your interview it is a good idea to give your recruitment agency a call. Communication between you and your consultant is crucial and it’s good to go through your interview with them. This helps to unload any stress and anxiety that you may be feeling after your interview and they can provide advice and reassurance as well as letting you know the next steps to take (such as when you may find out about a decision etc). Good recruiters will be desperate to know how you have done and they’ll be really appreciative of a call. When you are in an interview, they’re almost as nervous as you! 

Take Some Time Out If you can, once you have given your recruitment consultant a call, it’s a great idea if you can to take some time out. Even if you have to go back to your current role, if you can take half an hour or so to sit back and relax for awhile it can be really beneficial. Grab a sandwich, have a cup of tea or coffee and relax. Feel free to think about your interview but don’t feel the need to have a forensic examination of it just yet, that will come later. Now is just about taking a bit of time out after a stressful situation which all interviews are to some degree. 

Assess Your Interview The day after your interview, when the dust has settled is a great time to think about your interview. How did you feel it went? Were there things that you didn’t expect? What went well about your interview? What do you feel didn’t go so well? Think about the questions that you were asked. Were you properly prepared for them? If not, now is a good time to come up with some strategies to answer them in the future. Don’t be too down on yourself if you find yourself thinking that you’ve done poor. Use it as a learning experience and learn from any mistakes that you think you made in your interview. Moving your career forward isn’t about passing or failing, it’s a process whereby you learn from your mistakes and put what you have learnt into practice. 

Follow Up After 5-7 days, if you’ve not heard about how your interview went and whether you will be offered the job or a second interview, it is time to follow-up. Depending upon how you secured the interview dictates how you should do this. If you got the interview through a recruitment consultant, then you should give them a call to ascertain what is going on. Do not go direct to the company, this will not be appreciated by them and could put any possible job in jeopardy. If you secured the interview yourself, than going direct to the company is fine. Regardless, following up is a good thing to do and is a positive signal that you really want the job in question.

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