What NOT to do during a job interview

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What NOT to do during an interview. Nervous candidates – get your fears in check....

What NOT to do during an interview. 

Nervous candidates – get your fears in check. A new study has found that a weak handshake and fumbling are amongst the worst behaviours to exhibit during a job interview. While both verbal and non-verbal elements contribute to the rejection of a candidate during a job interview, non-verbal elements hold more significance, according to a TimesJob study. About 60% of the candidates surveyed attributed their failure in job interviews to non-verbal elements i.e. a weak handshake. About 40% of the people said they have been told by the recruiter that they seemed disinterested during the interview, 32% said they were rejected because they were late, while 30% said making no eye contact with the recruiter during the interview led to their failure. Of the verbal factors, fumbling in the interview was the most common reason for rejection, as claimed by 40% of the surveyed employees. Nearly 30% said they talked too much during their interview, while the other reasons were lack of knowledge about the company and badmouthing their previous employer. Candidates – take note. (Source: NDTV Profit, TimesJob).

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