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Looking for your first job in the fashion industry? Fashion is one of the most diverse indus...

Looking for your first job in the fashion industry? Fashion is one of the most diverse industries to work in and one that it is extremely popular with often thousands of applications being made for some roles. However, the key to getting into the industry is to work out where your skills and passions lie. We take a look at five of the many areas of the fashion industry to give you an idea of where you might fit in the industry.


One of the most underlooked fashion careers is retail. If you’re looking to get into the fashion industry and have been frustrated then retail can be a fantastic option that can open a lot of doors. Getting into retail management can enable you to earn good money whilst working first hand with a wide range of brands, giving you firsthand knowledge of seasons, trends and how different brands operate. This knowledge could prove invaluable when applying for other roles in the industry. One route from fashion retail is to go into buying. This will bring you into direct contact with brands and make you a key influencer of what people will be wearing every season.

Production Management

Also known as the fashion front-line, it is the perfect job if you want to be at the very heart of how fashion is produced. It’s up to production managers to get the design and creative ideas of designers made at the manufacturing level. Working with suppliers and retailers as well, it’s a suitable job if you are someone who is highly organised and can multitask. With more and more media interest in the ethical concerns of where and how clothes are made, it has put a lot more importance and focus on the production manager’s job.

Visual Presentation

If you are intensely creative then visual presentation may be the career for you. Visual presentation covers many different areas but is essentially creating an environment that showcases the clothing on offer in the very best light, to give it a strong narrative and to inspire, inform and persuade people to engage and purchase. As well as fashion shows, a visual production career could see you working in fashion retailers designing window displays and in a wide range of other spaces such as museum exhibits, showrooms and TV sets.

Fashion Journalism

If you love to read about fashion, maybe you would like to write about it too? Thanks to the internet, the opportunities have never been greater for people wanting to write about fashion. As well as traditional print media, there are now countless websites and blogs covering fashion which means there are lots of opportunities. However, competition is still fierce so you need to be a very good writer and have a passion for fashion. The best thing to do is to try and get your name out there by writing for as many blogs and websites as you can to build up a good portfolio of work that you can use when going for the more prestigious fashion sites and magazines.


PR (Public Relations) is a fascinating profession and one that will find you positioned between product, retailer and consumer. PR consultants’ roles are to build brands, position them in the market and ensure that there is a real buzz about the brand and get people talking about it. To be good at this, you have to be a bit of an all-rounder. Creative with a good flair for writing and communication, you also need to be a warm, friendly and a good relationship builder.

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