The Pros and Cons of Temping

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Temporary work isn't for everyone, so I thought I'd highlight the pros and cons of b...

Temporary work isn't for everyone, so I thought I'd highlight the pros and cons of being a temp. 

The Pros of Being a Temp 

Depending on your length of the booking, you're able to experience different types of luxury brands. When you're not 100% sure where you'd like to work, having the luxury of "moving around" gives you the opportunity to experience various brands and stores. Working as a temp allows more freedom. Even when you're placed somewhere temporarily, the temp agency is considered your employer. Therefore, you're not necessarily required to adhere to certain policies of the company you're temping for. That's not to say you don't have to follow dress code or general privacy/legal policies, but you don't have to worry about personal time off, sick days, etc. Simply put, if you don't work, you don't get paid. Temping = Networking. Working with different luxury brands puts your name out there. The company may not be looking to put you on their payroll permanently, but at least they'll have you in mind. Very often, companies will hire temps and interns because they've seen them in action. Consider your short-term work an audition for a bigger role. 

The Cons of Being a Temp 

It's only temporary. That is, if you don't get hired. Some people would much rather work as a temp than anything else. You won't receive benefits. Obviously, since you're not a full-time employee, you're not eligible for company benefits. But for those who are studying, seeking employment or undecided on a specific brand, I would definitely recommend temping. I believe to find work it is always better to be in work!

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