The Perfect Close To Your Interview

5 mins

You applied for the position and you have been invited for an interview. At the intervi...

You applied for the position and you have been invited for an interview. 

At the interview you perform well. You answer all questions in a confident manner that gives you the impression that the employer is impressed with you. 

You want the job offer. 

At the end of the interview you are invited to ask any questions. You have prepared for this and ask pertinent questions about the role and the recruitment process. 

If the interview has been arranged via a recruitment agency ask the interviewer for their business card – you will need their contact details later in the process. As you make your way towards the tube station you feel great. The job is exactly what you are looking for, even better than you imagined. 

You want that job offer. 

What can you do to add more value to your application? 

There is one more action that you must take. A ‘Thank You’ e mail to the hiring manager will add value to your application. 

Send the email within 24 hours of the first interview. Your email is be your final pitch for the position and should contain: A ‘thank you’ for their time. Mention (with a reference to something specific) how you can add value to their business. Highlight that you are keen to be considered for a 2nd interview. 

Close: invite them to seek further information, look forward to meeting again and thank them for their consideration. Your final pitch will confirm your enthusiasm, demonstrate your charm and it will be memorable, adding value to your application.

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