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If you are interested in doing temporary work with Four Seasons Recruitment you will be invi...

If you are interested in doing temporary work with Four Seasons Recruitment you will be invited to an introduction at our offices in Hammersmith, which is a chance for us to meet face to face.

You might have been invited to a group interview in the past and felt uncomfortable about it - we can assure you that this session is nothing to be worried about! It is simply a chance for you to get to know us and learn what we expect from our temps in return for giving them the opportunity to work for some of the biggest names in fashion.

Get to know us

So, the initial chat over the phone to discuss your CV and career aspirations is done and dusted and we have invited you to one of our weekly introductions. What’s next?

At the beginning of the session we will give you and the other participants an overview of our agency; what we do, which brands we work with, and how temping with us works. We have high expectations and would only book in temps that we have gotten to know and that we trust will do a fantastic job representing us. This is why we ask for references from your two most recent places of work before we can work together.

A tip is to bring your references with you (on headed paper) when you arrive to the introduction if you are keen to work as soon as possible.

Temping - what’s in it for you?

After introducing ourselves we will highlight the many benefits of temping with us and how it can open doors for you. Temporary work is incredibly flexible, a quick source of income, and a great way to boost your CV with recent work experience.

It is particularly beneficial for fashion students that are keen to get an insight into how a luxury brand operates, as well as a great way to gain crucial contacts within the industry.

Temp Of The Month

We will talk you through our Temp Of The Month incentive which runs (you guessed it) monthly. This is when we nominate our top performing temp who has received great client feedback, shows great commitment, or any other reason that makes the candidate stand out from the crowd. Previous prizes have been Beats headphones, gift cards, personalised card holders - and much more.

Do you know how to sell?

Working with and representing a luxury retail brand requires you to deliver a second to none customer experience and be at your best at all times. To give you an idea of typical situations you might encounter (and to get to know you better) we have you engage in four exercises. These are:

Ice breaker: a brief introduction of everyone in the room.

Customer service: we show you an example of poor customer service and ask you to give examples of the opposite.

Exceeding expectations: we ask you for personal experiences of when you have gone the extra mile for a customer.

Opportunities to sell: this is your opportunity to show us your sales skills and that you know how to up-sell and cross-sell.

Our policies and procedures

And finally onto the boring but important stuff - our policies and procedures. What our dress code is, how to update your availability, how to upload your timesheet, how to be on standby etc. We want you to leave the introduction knowing what it takes to be a temp superstar.

You could technically be booked into a shift the day after your introduction, however this is all depending on your references and if we can get hold of your referees easily or not. If you are unable to bring hard copies of your references to the introduction, chasing your referees for us will definitely speed up the process!

If you want to find out more about temping with us and how to apply, please click here.

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