How Your Fashion Business Can Attract Top Candidates

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Although it’s true to say that the fashion industry is one of the most sought after in...

Although it’s true to say that the fashion industry is one of the most sought after industries for people to try and enter careers-wise, that doesn’t mean that as a company, you should sit back and think that you can simply pick and choose the best candidates. The fact is, if you want to get the very best candidates, then you need to make your company as attractive as possible, the place they have to choose over the competition 

The war for talent is on, and if you aren’t fighting hard, then you’re going to struggle attracting the best candidates to your company. We look at some simple ways you can help to attract top talent to your fashion company. Be Clear About Your Company Values Top performers are attracted to organisations that share their personal values. Make sure your business promotes its ethics and values which could be anything from being the most innovative fashion company in the UK to a brand that likes to offer high fashion at high street prices. Convey the message to potential employees of what your culture rewards, such as teamwork or competitiveness. Doing this ensures likeminded individuals will apply for your roles. 

Do You Have a Clear EVP (Employee Value Proposition) What rewards and benefits do you offer that sets your company apart? Having a unique and defined EVP aimed at the sort of candidates that you are looking to hire is crucial in attracting the best talent to your company. Make it clear how achievement in your organisation is recognised and rewarded. This could include things such as bonuses, prizes, profit related pay or career development and training opportunities. 

Is Your Job Description Good Enough Often, what are fantastically exciting and challenging jobs are given the most boring and generic of job descriptions. Your job description should excite and inspire potential candidates as well as being an accurate reflection of what is involved in the job itself. Utilising the help of a good recruitment consultant can help you construct a winning job description that should help to attract top talent. 

Keep Your Current Staff Happy and Motivated The best ambassadors for your business are your current employees. The fashion industry is quite an insular world and people network all the time, discussing work and career opportunities. If a potential employee asked one of your current employees what it’s like to work at your company, what would they say? By making sure your current employees are happy and motivated, not only does this help with staff retention but they’re a powerful way of attracting new talent too. 

Utilise a Specialist Recruitment Agency By working with a specialist fashion recruitment agency, you can widen the pool of candidates available to you significantly. This is because they will have a large database of candidates. Many of these may not actively be looking for a job, but would be interested if they right role comes along. A good recruitment consultant can save you both time and money too, and ensure that you get the very best talent applying for your jobs. 

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