How to Stand Out from the Crowd in a Group Interview

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1. PreparationMake sure that you arrive on time and prepare the night before. Research the b...

1. Preparation

Make sure that you arrive on time and prepare the night before. Research the brand and the market, and prepare possible answers that you may be asked. Think how you can relate your answers to the job that you are applying for – how is your experience relevant?

Ensure that you prepare your journey, giving yourself enough time to get there – factor in possibilities such as train delays etc.

Dress smartly and ensure that you are well groomed – first impressions count!

2. Be Confident

Don’t forget, other candidates will be nervous too so it is completely normal. Make sure you arrive with plenty of time to spare so that you are not panicking and have time to relax, perhaps grab a coffee beforehand?

3. Presence

Have presence in the room. This is your chance to be noticed by the Company and show that you deserve the position. Speak clearly and have concise answers to make sure you are answering the question directly. If you have to present to the group, make sure you practice beforehand and speak slowly and clearly. Stay focused on the topic and try not to let other people intimidate you.

4. Ask Questions

The best way to show your interest in the position is to ask questions. Make sure they are professional and relevant as this will reflect on you. For example. What training will I receive? What would the next stage of the interview involve?

5. Good Luck!

This is your time to shine so take full advantage of it!

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