How To Make The Most Of Your Recruitment Consultant

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There’s no industry where the competition for jobs is as tough as the fashion industry...

There’s no industry where the competition for jobs is as tough as the fashion industry. Regardless the type of role in whatever company in the industry, there will almost certainly be many, many other candidates all chasing that same position. Whether you are looking for your first role or you already work in the industry, using the services of a good recruiter is essential if you are going to land the sort of roles you require. Make the most out of your recruitment consultant and you could soon be in that dream job.

Ensure You Use A Specialist Recruiter

There are a great deal of generalist recruiters in London and the rest of the UK dealing with a whole range of different types of jobs. But if you are looking to get your first step on the ladder in fashion or if you’re mid career and are looking for a change of role, chances are they aren’t going to be of much help. That’s not a slight on them, it’s just that generalist recruiters don’t have the contacts necessary to effectively place candidates in the fashion industry. Here at FRSL, we solely recruit in the fashion industry and have lots of contacts across the industry. These connections are vital if you are going to give yourself the best chance of landing your dream job.

Respect Your Consultant

If you were applying for a general admin job then it’s probably a good idea to register with lots of agencies. However, when you’re looking at positions in the fashion industry, it is much better to work with one consultant. Why? Because by enrolling the help of a specialist fashion recruiter, if there’s a suitable role out there they will find it for you. Working one-to-one with your consultant ensures you have a respectful and good working relationship together and that will help you land that dream job.

Be Open And Honest

Being open and honest with your recruitment consultant. The more open and honest you are and you will find that landing your next role will be much easier. A good recruitment consultant can help you with a whole host of things such as brushing up on your interviews and ensuring your CV is updated and up to scratch. If you’ve got a gap in your CV for example, don’t try and hide it, explain openly and honestly to your recruiter. Remember that they are on your side and that they only get paid by placing the right candidates into the right jobs. Keep them updated to about any direct applications you have made. You want them to be using their time wisely in trying to get you your new role so you don't want them chasing roles you have already applied for.

Maximising your relationship with your recruitment consultant will not only help you get the right role much quicker, it will make the whole job search process much more bearable and that dream fashion role will be nearer than ever"

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