How To Make The Most Of Your Career Without A Degree

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If you’ve always dreamed of working in the fashion industry but don’t have a degree, then yo...

If you’ve always dreamed of working in the fashion industry but don’t have a degree, then you may think that your hopes of securing a role are nothing more than a pipe dream. 

However, the fact is that not everyone in the industry has a degree and there are ways to make the most of your career without one. 

Make The Most Of Your Talent 

If you are looking at breaking into the fashion industry on the creative side of the industry, then having a natural talent for design is crucial, and even the very best degree won’t make up for a lack of talent. Investing your time and energy in getting a fantastic portfolio together can really pay off. Of all of the areas of the fashion industry, whilst it is perhaps the most competitive and difficult to get into, it’s perhaps the easiest one to get into if you don’t have a degree because talent and hardwork are more important than formal qualifications. 

Get Experience 

If you’re looking to get into the fashion industry, especially on the business side of things then the one thing that is perhaps better than a degree is experience. If you can get experience of working in the fashion industry, in whatever capacity, it can be a really good way of getting your foot in the door. The fashion industry is a fast-paced and sometimes difficult industry to work in. If you can get experience and prove you have what it takes, then this can be very attractive to potential employers. 

Don’t Rule Out Doing a Degree 

If you really do think that you need a degree for the job that you really want, explore the possibility of doing one. University courses these days are as flexible as they have ever been which means that even if you have commitments such as a family, it’s as easy now to do a degree as ever. Whether you are looking at getting into the design side of things or would prefer another role such as marketing, sales or logistics, there are courses out there to suit. Perhaps the best place to start is the Open University. They offer a wide range of courses from design to business that enable you to study for a degree without having to attend an institution. 

Don’t Give Up 

The best advice? It’s never going to be easy to get a career in fashion, and to have a successful one even harder. The work can be hard, the hours long and the competition tough. 

Ultimately, those who make it in the fashion industry and those that don’t have one crucial difference. Those that make it never gave up. 

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