First Impressions Count

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No matter what the social event, whether it’s a social gathering, interview, temp job, busin...

No matter what the social event, whether it’s a social gathering, interview, temp job, business meeting, or company function, you’re meeting new people and making instant opinions on them and they’re doing the same with you. 

Did you know that people make judgements about each other within the first minute they meet? First impressions can easily become lasting impressions. So what do you want those first few seconds to say about you? It’s important to understand how you come across to others and what you can do to make a great first impression. Presentation and Grooming is everything 

Clothing Whenever you’re meeting people for the first time, whether you’re networking, attending a business meeting, or dating, it’s essential to look the part. In other words, dress for the specific occasion, even if it means doing a little research up front. Think of how you want to be perceived by the people you’re about to meet and dress accordingly. Why save things for best – wear them and impress! 

Make Up and Hair Make the effort, look the part – you should inspire the people around you that you are up to the job in hand. If you haven’t taken time with your hair and make-up it will make people think that you don’t care about what you are doing and this will be their lasting impression. Make up can make all the difference and shows that you have made an effort. 

Eye Contact This is key and a good thing to practice at home – you must maintain eye contact with the person, or people you are meeting – look them directly in the eyes and it tells them “I am honest, and I am keen to listen”. Eye contact and facial expressions provide important social and emotional information. People, perhaps without consciously doing so, search other's eyes and faces for positive or negative mood signs. 

Firm Handshake A handshake is a formal way of saying hello and goodbye, so make sure your handshake is firm as this will leave a confident impression right from the start and will leave a positive impression as you depart.

Conversation The world doesn’t revolve around you, and neither should your conversations. Be sure to engage the other person when you talk, and use their name for emphasis. You can, of course, talk about yourself, but don’t make the whole conversation about you, and keep stories short. Look for common ground with the person you’re talking to, and share stories about that common interest. People love talking about themselves – always ask great questions and be sure to be even better listening. 

Attitude Nothing works better in any situation than having and expressing a positive attitude. Let your enthusiasm for any new situation show, and leave your problems at the door. People only buy from happy people so whatever the occasion – an interview, a day out temping make sure that you leave the lasting impression of positivity. 

It’s show time – even if you are not feeling on top form – you can act it – imagine you are on the stage and you are the star of the show!

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