First Impressions: How to Dress For Success

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Research suggests that 85% of communication is non verbal, so what are you saying before you...

Research suggests that 85% of communication is non verbal, so what are you saying before you even say a word??

Prepping for an interview for your dream job can be daunting. Involving copious amounts of research on the brand, getting up to date with the luxury market, not to mention the dilemma of what to wear? Whilst the perfect outfit won't make up for weak answers it can most definitely help to communicate some positive things about your personality. So before you make this important decision, take a look at my strategic style tips which are sure to give you the edge in this ever more competitive market...

Blue - Dark and navy blues are calming colours which will conjure up thoughts of stability, truth and confidence in the interviewers mind. Definitely great messages to convey when in any professional meeting.

Grey - An understated colour, like blue it is undistracting to the interviewer and will allow them to focus more of what you are saying which will help the interview flow more naturally for both sides.

Black - This is my favourite colour when it comes to my wardrobe, but try to use it strategically. If styled correctly it can make you look authoritative hard working and ambitious. However on the other side black also connotes drama so wear with care.

Red - This is a particularly powerful colour and studies have suggested that wearing red can make you behave with increased confidence and self-belief. However, similarly when people see the colour red it can conjure up thoughts of intensity and passion so wear it sparingly so you don't risk sending out the wrong message.

White - Alternatively white is the most innocent colour in the spectrum, so wearing a white shirt is often a safe bet as it sends out messages of honesty, simplicity and precision. Bingo!

One final and very important message I want to share is always put your best foot forward. I believe that shoes are the most important part of any outfit, in an interview these should closed toe, closed heel and in perfect condition. Scuffed leather or nicked heels will give your outfit a dishevelled and disorganised look, overall dampening the detailed, hard working and intelligent persona we aim to create through your outfit choice.

Whether or not it seems fair studies have proved that more groomed and presentable individuals are offered more opportunities and become more successful in the workplace. If like me you're fascinated by the concept of how the decisions about how you dress can affect your career both now and in the future then why not follow my simple rules and see for yourself. "

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