Do You Know How to Use Social Media Professionally?

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Here at Four Seasons Recruitment we are huge advocates of using social media for all job hun...

Here at Four Seasons Recruitment we are huge advocates of using social media for all job hunting success, especially within the fashion industry. We use our social media outlets to resource the best candidates and to get word out about what fantastic roles we have! While social media is primarily used for fun and keeping in touch with friends and family, there are some essential pieces of advice you may want to follow if you are actively job hunting. Social media platforms have very different uses and audiences. Choose what you put on each carefully; think about which sites recruiters, hiring managers and your peers from your industry use and target those as a priority.


Facebook is used mainly for interacting and keeping up to date with friends. If you are using it in this way, it is imperative that you have all your privacy settings updated to the highest setting. It is useful to follow companies on Facebook for job and industry updates. Remember if you ‘like’ a company or page on Facebook, this does not mean that they can see your page!


Twitter is an excellent tool to get quick, frequent job blasts. Most recruitment or career companies will post their jobs throughout the day on Twitter. It is also a good indication of your personality and can link easily to any portfolio or blogs you may have. Caution is again advised on Twitter, especially since it is more visible than Facebook. Post to show off your personality and talent- not to give feedback on what you think of celebrities or how much you ate that day!


Linked In is a professional social media site. It is advisable to choose a professional photo and to lay out your profile as you would a CV. You should take time and care when completing your profile and portray yourself in the best possible light. Include a full, succinct career history and mention any relevant awards and training. Do not just start typing everything that comes to mind about your past experience! Recruiters have started to use Linked In more and more and so it really is just as important (if not more so!) than your CV. Formatting is also just as important as if you were submitting a CV; use paragraphs, sub-headings and bullet points"

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