Do's and Do not's in interviews

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Congratulations you have an interview! Here are some key points of what to do and more impor...

Congratulations you have an interview! Here are some key points of what to do and more importantly NOT do in an interview. 

What to do: 

• dress smartly, look bright and attentive, and speak clearly and confidently. 

• find out where the venue is beforehand, how to get there and how long it takes 

• get your outfit ready the night before 

• prepare answers for the main questions - for example, why do you want the job, what are your strengths and weaknesses, what are the main tasks in this job? 

• make about three or four points in each answer 

• quote real examples of when you've used certain skills - just saying you've got a skill isn't enough 

• take your time when answering the questions: make sure you understand the question and take your time if you need to think 

• sell yourself: no one else is going to! Be positive about yourself and your experiences 

• prepare some questions to ask at the end of the interview - use it as an opportunity to find out more about the role and the company. (Don't ask about money or perks just yet!) 

• get feedback on your performance, whether you were successful or not 

• turn off your mobile phone: treat the interviewers with respect and give them your undivided attention What not to do: 

• don't be late 

• don't swear or use slang words 

• don't slouch in your seat or do anything that makes you look uninterested 

• don't lie: the interviewer may see through you. Even if you get the job, your employer can dismiss you if they find out that you have not been honest 

• don't let your nerves show too much; a few nerves are normal but extreme nerves will affect your performance. Use breathing techniques and try to remember that it's not a life and death situation - there are plenty of jobs out there! 

• don't be arrogant and assume you've got the job. Nothing turns off employers more than someone who is disrespectful and over-confident 

• don't discuss controversial topics such as religion, politics and gender relations 

• don't criticise former employers or colleagues. Interviewers may mark you down as a troublemaker and a gossip 

• don't argue with the interviewer, no matter what. 

Remember to keep things positive! Good luck!

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