Body Language Tips to Win an Interview

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Body Language Tips to Win an Interview Research has shown that 90% of our communication...

Body Language Tips to Win an Interview

 Research has shown that 90% of our communication is non-verbal, making body language very important when it comes to interviewing. 

1. SMILE Never underestimate the power of a smile. It instantly makes you warm and approachable, and encourages the interviewer to smile back. 

2. HAND SHAKE Working in recruitment you shake hands with people on a daily basis so it is important that your handshake is not a deal breaker. Always give a firm handshake and try to avoid sweaty palms. A wet or floppy handshake indicates unprofessionalism and weakness, so make sure you have this practised before your interview. 

3. POSTURE Never slump during an interview as it indicates that you may be bored or not taking it seriously. Make sure that you stand tall and sit up straight making regular eye contact with the interviewer. Research has shown that people who sit straight with good posture display higher levels of confidence. 

4. AVOID FIDGETING Having interviewed hundreds of people as a recruitment consultant, I have experienced many interview faux-pas. Fidgeting during an interview has to be one of the major blunders that you can do, often with a pen/business card/phone – no matter what the object, this will compromise your chances of success greatly. Not only does it indicate nervousness, but also lack of attention so make sure that you keep your hands free from objects and use them to further articulate what you are saying. 

5. SPEAKING We have a natural tendency to talk quickly when we are nervous. Make sure you take deep breaths before the interview and speak slowly and clearly so that the interviewer can understand everything you are saying. Don’t be afraid to pause and think about your answers it is better to get it right than blurt out the wrong answer. 


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