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I believe most people in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties are as driven to land the perfec...

I believe most people in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties are as driven to land the perfect job as they are about finding their perfect other half. Unfortunately human beings are programmed to adapt to a routine-hinged lifestyle, so once you settle into a permanent job it is often daunting to take the leap and start looking for a new one. So let me help you make that leap! 

Here are some signs that the time might have come for you to start looking again: 

• You feel uninspired: you used to have lots of ideas and new propositions to apply to your job. You used to feel that you really could mould your role around your potential and now that has gone. 

• Whenever you suggest a change or improvement this is met with a general lack of enthusiasm. 

• Nobody asks your opinion. 

• You thought the days flew past, now you are done by midday and the rest of the time you spent trying to look busy 

But don’t panic, it is likely that you have reached your full potential in this role and have very little left to learn, or you have changed and may want to steer your career in a different direction. Here are a few pointers of things you might want to ponder over before making the next step: Set your career in the right direction. As a recruiter, in many cases we get approached by candidates who “just want a change” or are after “a chance to progress”. Set yourself a specific goal, “I want to be considered for Buying Admin Assistant roles” or “I am after a Fine-Watches specialist position”. This is gives us an idea of your commitment and helps to introduce you to the right company, one that is truly suited to your skills and aspirations. 

Brand yourself at your best: highlight in your CV and portfolio the elements and experiences that would really make you shine as a candidate and will bring you closer to success. Any achievement that shows how close to the job description you are, will guarantee that you are targeting the right position. Market yourself through the right agencies and apply for the right roles. Agencies have reputations and they work on selected market niches, as well as with the different clients: target only the relevant agencies, check who their clients are and mention that you are interested in working for X, Y, Z. Only apply for positions that you are ACTUALLY interested in, don’t spread yourself thin, you don’t want to end in the same professional stalemate you are in now. Make sure your next career move the right one!

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