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Patek Philippe is the last and oldest independent family-owned watch manufacturers. They cra...

Patek Philippe is the last and oldest independent family-owned watch manufacturers. They craft the world’s finest watches with superior precision and dependability, as well as impeccable aesthetics. Finishing on Sunday 7th June, Patek Philippe presents “Watch Art Grand Exhibition” at the Saatchi Gallery; the largest ever Patek Philippe exhibition offers a once in a lifetime insight into the art of watch making within a family company. We went along earlier this week to see the exhibition for ouselves. 

The unique exhibition presents 400 exhibits as you make your way throughout the 21 themed rooms. 

These include: 

• The Royal Room, which presents more than 15 Royal timepieces from the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva which were owned by Queen Victoria, and other Kings and Princes from around the world. 

• The Current Collection room and Napoleon room, showcasing the whole Patek Philippe current collection set within a replica of the Patek Philippe headquarters in Geneva, including a view of Lake Geneva! • The Complications room is dedicated to timepieces with “complications”, the rarest and most complex pieces. 

• The Rare Handcrafts and Museum rooms are devoted to spectacular haute-jewelry timepieces, ranging from the 16th century to today, with highlights include exquisite dome clocks made of pearls and Baccarat crystals, and a recently-made wristwatch set with 1675 diamonds! 

• The Artisan's room allows visitors to watch and engage with Patek Philippe's professional gem setters, engravers, enamel painters as they give live presentations of the incredible attention to detail which goes into each of these timepieces. 

• The 175th Anniversary room which includes special watches made to mark Patek Philippe’s 175th Jubilee including the incredible “Grand Master Chime” watch. 

• The interactive room where Patek Phillipe technicians talk you through all the intricate features inside the watch. “It’s not about selling watches, but sharing the art and creativity of Patek Philippe with a wider audience”, said Mark Hearn, MD of Patek Philippe UK. 

The Exhibition is open to the public, free of charge, from 9:00 to 19:00 weekdays and Saturdays, and from 10:00 to 16:00 on Sundays and closes this Sunday 7th June.

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