7 changes to make your LinkedIn profile stand out to employers.

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The number of candidates hired through LinkedIn increased by 88% last year, with the platfor...

The number of candidates hired through LinkedIn increased by 88% last year, with the platform becoming the 2nd most popular job board for candidates worldwide. Our Marketing Manager, Mike Garrett, gives advice on how to improve your LinkedIn profile. In my opinion, your LinkedIn profile has become as important as your CV. Why? It’s a platform that enables you to post multimedia content that showcases your knowledge and experience to employers without applying for a job. Even if you aren’t as active as you would like to be on the platform, here are 7 easy changes you can make to your profile to help your profile stand out.

Profile Picture

You don’t need to pay for professional headshots to get a great profile picture. It can be done using your smartphone. Keep it professional, smile and look approachable. There are loads of free tools online, where you can replace your background for something more colourful or clean if desired. 

Cover Image 

This is the first thing someone will see when they visit your profile. If you’re employed it’s likely your employer will have a company branded template for you to use. This is worth using if for no other reason than making your profile look complete. If on the other hand you’re a freelance professional, it’s worth putting creating something more niche. Canva has hundreds of ready-made templates you can edit with personal branding, colours, shapes and images to your taste. 


Your headline is important. It will appear under your name a picture every time you post, comment, or when someone searches your name on LinkedIn. Your aim is to capture someone’s attention enough that they want to view your profile. 

Things to remember when writing your headline: 

1. The first 5 words are the most important. 

2. You don’t have to write in sentences. 

3. Use keywords to make your profile searchable. 

4. Highlight significant experience, achievements and awards. 

5. Use ‘|’ to break your headline into sections. About Section Think of this as your cover letter. Your summary tells prospective employers things about your skills, motivations and personality that are not included in your headline or work history. Use it to tell a story and build connections between your employment to date. 

5 things to consider: 

1. Have a strong opening line. 

2. Talk about your expertise and why you do what you do. 

3. People love figures – provide any stats and data that back up that you are a leader in your field. 

4. Highlight your professional interests. 

5. Include a call to action and include your contact information. Turn Creator Mode ‘ON’ This allows you to pin media to the top of your profile. 

This is the perfect space to showcase any testimonials you’ve received, articles you’ve written, or accreditations you have. 

1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. 

2. Click View Profile. 

3. Scroll down to Resources and click on Creator mode: Off. 

4. Click Next on the Creator mode preview pop-up window. 

5. Add topics (hashtags) to indicate the topics you post about the most. 

6. Click Done. ‘Open To Work’ – but without your boss finding out! 

There’s a way of showcasing that your open to work to Recruiters and Hiring Managers without a bright green banner around your profile and running the risk of your boss finding out. 

1. Click ‘Open to’ in blue below your profile picture. 

2. Select ‘Finding a new job’ in the dropdown. 

3. Then ‘Choose who sees you’re open’ (at the bottom of the pop up) and click ‘People using LinkedIn Recruiter.’ 

Recommendations Don’t underestimate the importance of recommendations. In the same way that you check reviews when booking a restaurant, a good review can tip the scales in your favour. Ask former colleagues or clients that you’ve got a good rapport with. If this makes you feel uncomfortable maybe offer to write one for them in return. If you’re Freelance, make it part of your agreement when taking on a project.

 It likely to help secure your next contract! Bonus Tip: If you’ve turned on creator mode pin it to your ‘featured’ section. This will make it visible at the top of your profile rather than disappearing down the bottom of the page.

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