5 Steps To Start Your Fashion Marketing Career

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The world of fashion marketing is diverse, exciting and challenging. You might not be making...

The world of fashion marketing is diverse, exciting and challenging. You might not be making the clothes, but don’t let that put you off: fashion is an industry where you can put your skills and talents to good use in just about any area you want. As a marketer, you’ll be able to experience working at the forefront of fashion, getting your brand’s clothes the recognition they deserve and even getting the chance to work with household names.

Indeed, marketing is where fashion and business meet. After all, the main aim of marketing is to encourage customers to buy the best clothes, and raise awareness about your brand. For people who want to combine their love of fashion with a career that they can really make an impact with, fashion marketing is the perfect choice. But how do you get started?

Get experience

The field is tough when it comes to finding your dream job. Graduate-level roles in fashion marketing are quite rare, so before you start your job search it’s imperative that you get some experience in the world of fashion, especially as any experience you might already have in marketing might not necessarily stand you in good stead without it. Whether that involves interning with a fashion retailer or brand, working in a retail position (even on the shop floor) or applying for an apprenticeship, any industry experience and knowledge will be of benefit. You can also take a course in fashion marketing if you really want to get ahead, though when choosing course you need to make sure you check what kind of links the course has with industry brands and firms and what kind of guest speakers you can expect to meet.

Start networking

It’s never too early to start making relevant connections. Like so many other industries, fashion is a place where you’ll find it much easier to get a foot in the door if you have a contact you can call on for advice, or even for work experience. The more you develop contacts and your network, the more likely it’ll be that you find a job that suits you once you’re ready to start applying.

Another tip is to clear your diary and start looking for fashion industry networking events, meet-ups and mixers to attend. Once there, make the effort to accept business cards and remember names. This way you’ll be able to get in touch with them later on, when you need advice or help.

Find out what you want to do

As with many industries, marketing is hugely diverse. Comprising digital marketing, PR, social media, brand communications and so much more, it can sometimes prove a headache for somebody starting out on their career. Tackle this right from the start by deciding which area in particular you want to aim for, and then apply for those specific roles. Find out what you’re good at, or passionate about, and then look for roles that coincide with those interests. Not only will this mean you can tailor the experience you get to a specific job, but it will avoid any confusion and soul-searching on your part once the time comes to start applying.

Decide your base

Fashion is a global industry and the jobs that you can apply for span the world, with hundreds of fashion shows, galas and marketing and PR events happening each year. Consequently, some roles will involve you working internationally. Whether that means you have to relocate to another country as part of your job, or that you’ll be doing a lot of travelling, it’s important that you decide how extensively you are willing to travel in your role (if at all) and tailor your job search accordingly.

Be digitally savvy

In today’s digital world, 60% of fashion and beauty brands have an influencer marketing strategy in place. As a result, it’s clear to see just how important online presence is and that this is something you should bear in mind when it comes to your own social media profiles. Your personal ‘branding’ online is important, as it might be reviewed by employers both before and during your interview process. After all, marketing today very often includes social media responsibilities, so personal channels might be checked out as potential ‘portfolios’ without you even being aware of it… Don’t get caught out; cultivate your profiles by connecting with industry specialists and post fashion-related news to show your genuine interest in the industry.

If you have the relevant experience and are seeking a new role in marketing, why not browse our current vacancies? If you would like to gain some retail experience to boost your CV, perhaps temporary work is the best way forward for you? Either way, we hope to hear from you soon."

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