3 Ways Using A Specialist Fashion Recruitment Agency Can Add Value To Your Recruitment Process

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Did you know that if you have never utilised a specialised fashion recruitment agency before...

Did you know that if you have never utilised a specialised fashion recruitment agency before then your business is missing out on some fundamental benefits. 

These can include improving your recruitment processes, add value to them and ensure that you get the very best talent on the market. Unlike many other recruiters that work across a wide variety of sectors, here at FSRL we specialise in the fashion and retail industry which means that you can rest assured that you are in the hands of experts and that you will receive the very best, professional and specialist service. 

The benefits of using a specialist fashion recruitment agency include:

We’re up-to-date with the latest recruitment techniques If you’re over a certain age, then you may remember when recruitment was as simple as putting a job advert in a newspaper and you’d get a good range of quality applicants. Now however, the recruitment landscape has changed considerably. Now there is a bewildering variety of job boards to choose from as well as a wide variety of social media channels that can also be used for recruitment. Do you know which ones are worth using? Which ones aren’t? And how to make the most of the ones that you do choose to use? We do! Our up-to-date knowledge will ensure your recruitment campaign is highly targeted and results in quality applications. 

Save Time, Save Money With well-paid jobs at good companies in the fashion sector being highly sought after, you could receive hundreds of applications, the vast majority of which will be unsuitable. To find the good candidates however, it means sifting through each and every application which is time-consuming for you or members of your staff. Is that a good use of their time? Wouldn’t they be better doing what they’re good at, making money for the business? By using a specialist fashion recruitment agency such as ourselves, instead of being faced with hundreds of applications, we’ll present you with a careful selection of candidates who have all the skills, qualifications and experience that you are looking for. 

Passive Candidates Did you know that some of the best candidates are known as passive candidates? Many people wrongly assume that only people who are actively looking for a new role will be interested in applying for their job. However, we network with a variety of highly qualified individuals who aren’t actually looking for a new role, but would consider a move if the right job was presented to them. These ‘passive’ candidates are therefore not ‘visible’ to companies or even to general recruiters. We can connect you with them. 

If you’d like the help of a specialist fashion industry recruiter with any of your current vacancies then why not get in touch? Call us now on 020 8237 8900 .

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