An interview is the chance for both the candidate and the client to decide if the role is a good fit for the candidate.  

Don’t assume that the candidate is coming to the interview desperate for the job. Just as the candidate aims to give you the best impression of them, you also need to give the candidate the best impression of your company. Here are a few tips to ensure that you are not giving a bad impression to the candidate:

  1. We all know that meetings can run over or a really urgent email needs to get sent at the last minute, but it is important to try and not keep your candidate waiting. If your candidate arrives for her interview only to be met by a queue of other potential candidates waiting to be interviewed, it makes your company look unorganised, and makes the candidate feel unappreciated.
  2. Try and get the best out of the candidate. Obviously you want to understand your candidate and see if they are right for your company, but remember that they are in a stressful situation, and won’t be acting how they would in a normal situation. You want to get the best answers out of them so don’t try and trip them up with trick questions, make sure you ask questions which allow them to demonstrate that experience and passion for the role. If they seem a bit nervous, start the interview with some light conversation to put them at ease.
  3. Be efficient with feedback. Don’t leave the candidate waiting for weeks after their interview before providing feedback. It is likely they have other options, so if you haven’t come to a decision, at least keep them updated on the situation.
Make sure you’ve had a look over their CV before the interview. The candidate has gone to the effort to research your company and the role. Make sure you have refreshed your mind of their experience so that you can talk about it properly with them.