Premium sports / lifestyle brand

During 2013 we started to work with a premium sports / lifestyle brand group with global reach and were briefed on a middleweight Design role for one of their niche sports apparel and equipment fascia’s, requiring specialist knowledge and design expertise within this sector.

Upon meeting with key figureheads within the business in order to understand their culture, product offering and special requirements of the role we called upon our extensive network of contacts in order to create the perfect shortlist of suitable candidates.

We carried out competency based interviews on a face to face basis in line with experience versus job specification and portfolios were reviewed against handwriting sought within a tight deadline.

Shortlisted Designers were then managed through the interview process including direction around company research and design brief and I am delighted to say our candidate was offered the role and is making fantastic progress with the brand!

This lead to being briefed on a wider variance of roles within the brand group from Marketing through to Product Development, Product Management and Sales.

We are now working in partnership with the business across all of their brands and are proud to be a top tier supplier of design, development and wholesale professionals from junior to executive level globally.