Luxury Fashion House

This luxury Fashion House is one of the most sought after brands, coveted globally and is every women’s dream brand.

The standards to work for this brand are extremely high with a large focus on exceptional service and over delivering on clients expectations. They had been finding it challenging to find this calibre of staff on a volume level which is where Four Seasons Recruitment was able to assist.

I visited all stores to observe the difference between each location to ensure every candidate sent was location specific and matched the requirements. Assessment centres were held to communicate the presentation expectations alongside of customer service standards and candidates who showed a willingness to learn and were flexible in their approach worked well. A high level of organisation and attention to detail is required as we are controlling large groups of candidates at any one time.
As this was a small in house recruitment team, I go over and above to assist with additional duties were possible and utilised contacts to ensure the recruitment process for each candidate goes smoothly and in a timely fashion.

In the past 12 months we have successfully placed 28 candidates with this brand – and there is a strong level of trust between myself and the client which I strongly value.
I am extremely proud of the results I have achieved with this brand and that we are now considered one of their preferred suppliers.