Contemporary Womenswear label

I was briefed by my client; a highly desirable contemporary Womenswear label (loved by the A list as well as the paps!) to assist in recruiting a senior Technical team member.

This particular client had been a candidate of mine a couple of years ago. Over the last 4 years she has been my client and I believe because of our initial candidate/consultant relationship and because we had a very similar work ethic we just got on; we were on the same page! Having this with a client in addition to understanding their business, its needs, brand fit etc all really helped. Having the clients’ trust makes recruiting for them a pleasure and effortless and I feel proud to be an extension of their brand to the industry.

This particular piece of recruitment was long process as the client was planning on getting the role signed off but wanted to give me the ‘heads up’ as she wanted to me to work exclusively on it and start putting the ‘feelers’ out. This role was crucial for her as with this person in place it would allow for team growth and someone to mentor the existing team as well as take some responsibility off her and allow her to focus on other areas of the business.

The criteria for the role was extremely extensive which made me quite nervous – there were some big shoes to fill here and I actually wondered if a candidate like this existed! The process was long; in fact from given confirmed instruction to when the candidate started took almost 9 months however the best candidate was found and all parties were happy.