How is temping different from part-time work?

 Part-time work usually works on a contract basis, where you will work the same shifts every week. Temping offers you as many shifts as your schedule will allow and you can change your availability from week to week. So that audition that pops up next week? No problem, you can simply update our Temps team to exclude that day from your schedule. Of course, this will always require notice. Shifts cannot be cancelled once they are confirmed with you but we offer great incentives in return for your commitment to us. 

Is temping beneficial if I am looking for a full time role?

 Temping gives the opportunity for you to gain the experience necessary for permanent positions. It also allows you to work across many brands and locations, giving you better insight into what type of role you would prefer and what brand you have the best culture fit with. 

How flexible is temping?

 Temping offers a flexible job to candidates that have alterative commitments. If you have auditions/shows/university, you can adapt your shifts and availability each week to accommodate both work and any other priorities. 

Do you offer any incentives?

Yes! We offer fantastic incentives for our loyal temps. This includes our TOP TEMP incentive which runs each quarter where we nominate a temp each month who has received great feedback, shows great commitment or any reason that makes the candidate stand out from the crowd!

We also have a Referral Scheme offering a £100 Selfridges voucher to any candidate that recommends a great temp. 

What type of brands and locations can I temp with?

We have a wide variety of brands across luxury, premium, lifestyle, beauty and promotions. We work across London, including the major department stores, Harrods, Selfridges and Liberty. We also work within London’s best and most exclusive luxury boutiques. 

How does the application process work?

So, you have decided that temping is something you would like to pursue (great choice!). You now need to either:

1. Have a look on our website to see if any role in particular interests you and then submit your application. You can even apply using your Linked In profile, which means you can apply anywhere, anytime, even if you do not have your CV to hand.

2. Send your CV across by registering your job preferences on our website.

3. Send your CV to our candidate manager

Once our Candidate Manager has looked at your CV and experience, we will be in touch to get to know you a bit more over the phone. If your experience is relevant, you will be invited to one of our weekly assessment centres at our offices in either Hammersmith or Manchester. This works like a group interview and is nothing to be afraid of. We simply want to know more about you, where your preferences for brands and locations lie and tell you all about temping with Four Seasons Recruitment. You will also meet our friendly team so you know who your support network is once you start working.
If you are successful in the assessment centre, we will contact you to obtain your availability and get you working as soon as possible! 

What’s next?

So you have been successful and are beginning to temp with Four Seasons Recruitment. You now need to contact our Temps Controllers each week with your availability for the following week or, if you have a free day with no shift, you can put your name on standby for one that may come up on the day.
It is important to be in constant communication with your Temp Controller with how you are getting on, what brands you like, your availability and anything we can help you with. 

How to be an amazing temp

 On assignment:

  • Always listen to the customer and be attentive.
  • Make the customer feel valued and deliver first class service.
  • Offer an exciting and one-off experience to encourage them to return.
  • Offer Store/Rewards Card and any other benefits.
  • Thank customers at end of sale and go out of your way to offer support for anything else e.g. offer directions to the next department.

 With us:

  • Adhere to Four Seasons’ grooming guidelines at all times
  • Call and e-mail in availability each month with weekly updates
  • Send timesheets in by 5pm on a Tuesday
  • Call on standby each morning you are free
  • Provide excellent customer service