Tidy Desk Tidy Mind

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Tidy Desk Tidy Mind Never underestimate time lost or stress caused from an inefficient ...

Tidy Desk Tidy Mind 

Never underestimate time lost or stress caused from an inefficient work space. When you need to focus on a specific task or simply get things ticked off the list, an orderly environment is the answer! Organise your desk today so you can plan your work and work your plan. 

Here are my top tips for a tidy desk and tidy mind. 

Be Ruthless:

• Documents and stationery - keep these to the bare essentials.

• Cull out anything that doesn’t serve a function in your day to day activity.

• A few professional personalised items are fine to add character but avoid too many. 

Location, Location, Location:

• Try to create consistent homes for all work items. This makes retrieval quick and easy.

• Be logical with your locations. If you are constantly using a calculator, keep this within arm’s reach.

• Always return items once you have used them so they will be there next time – simple! 


Be Honest:

• Be honest about what you need to keep. Around 80% of what we file is never accessed again.

• Ask yourself why would I need this in the future? If you are struggling to find an answer, bin it.

• For paperwork you need, label this clearly and keep in good quality folders. 


Eliminate Chaos:

• For the ultimate tidy desk use trays and filling systems to organise your work.

• Use labels such as: In, Out, For Action or other relevant categories. This will help you process paperwork by directing your workflow in a practical and productive manner.

For a tidy mind a tidy desk is essential. Remain focused and spend a few minutes each day restoring order to your workspace.

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