Diversity & Inclusion Policy


As an organisation recruiting on behalf of the fashion and retail sectors we are wholly committed to equal opportunities for all of the people that we come into contact with.


When recruiting we assess candidates based on their competencies and our client’s requirements, irrespective of gender, age, ethnic or national origin, marital status, religion, sexual orientation or disability.


We have pledged to do the following to increase equal opportunities:


We will challenge unnecessary requirements on any client JDs that will prevent sections of society from applying for roles

We will only be submitting anonymised CVs in the future, removing anything highlighting protected characteristics

We will ask you what your organisation requires and the role needs, then submit candidates who we believe are capable of doing the job based on their skills and experience

We commit to annual events on inclusion in the sector to ensure best practice is shared

This is our pledge and I ask our clients, candidates and fellow recruitment agencies supporting the fashion & retail sectors to join us and do the same and help improve equal opportunities across the sector.