What is your online profile?

What is your online profile?

In essence, everything you do online counts towards your profile.

The most important online profile for those of you seeking a new role is your Linkedin profile.

Linkedin is used as a database of potential candidates by recruiters and employers alike.

How will you get noticed?

Firstly, ensure that your profile is complete and up to date.

Contact details are critical. I have seen Linkedin profiles with the website of a previous employer, no e mail address or contact phone no.

Make sure your profile includes:

  • Industry
  • Location
  • Business suitable photo (maybe best to avoid using holiday snaps)
  • Position (and a description of what you are responsible for)
  • Previous positions (remember to show end dates)
  • Education

How can I engage and grow my profile?

Build your contacts by engaging with other professionals in your industry or field of expertise, by doing so your network will generate more future career opportunities.

  •  Posting and commenting is important. 
  •  Post an article that you feel might be of interest to your network. 
  •  Comment if you ‘like’ something on Linkedin.
  •  Follow others or groups that you are interested in.

Remember – your online profile, personal & professional is visible to potential employers across all social media platforms.