3 reasons why using temporary staff is cost-effective

Some people are under the impression that using temporary staff will be more expensive than hiring a full-time employee. We'd like to argue the opposite - here's why.


If you don't need regular labour in your business throughout the year, using temps is a great way to keep costs down. This gives you the ability to conveniently add or reduce staff based on your business needs. Rather than hiring someone before a busy period you can book reliable and experienced temps to cover the busy shifts. No commitment, no ongoing costs.

Same total weekly cost

Another cost-effective reason to use temps is that while employers might have to provide benefits such as workers' compensation and overtime pay, you can save on medical/dental benefits, sick pay, retirement and other income security benefits reserved for full-time and part-time employees. Our temp staff are provided to clients at an hourly rate which covers pay, National Insurance, holiday and pension.

Cost example of a Sales Associate on a permanent contract:

Annual salary                    £22,000

Employers NI                    £1,909  (£8,160 per annum at 13.8%)

Pension 2% minimum      £440      

Total                                    £24,349

The above is for 48 weeks (assuming 4 weeks paid holiday) and still doesn't include any additional costs such as work uniform, commission, sick pay, higher co cont pension costs, staff discount etc. The total weekly cost for a permanent employee is therefore £507.

The weekly cost for a temporary staff member is £528 - without hidden costs.

Temp to perm

Last but not least, using temps is a way for you to try before you buy. Many temps are open to a permanent position, so if you find someone that suits your business needs there is always the opportunity for you to offer that person a permanent role. We have found this particularly useful in highly skilled jobs where an employer needs to determine if a person has enough knowledge and experience to do a particular job.

Consequently, whether you need cover during seasonal sales, holiday cover, promotions, or last-minute sickness, temporary staff might well be the cheapest option for your business.

At Four Seasons Recruitment, we provide a cost-effective and flexible staffing solution to our clients, 7 days a week. If you are keen to hear more about our services, please call 0208 237 8900 today.