Meet Daniel; one of our Temp to Perm success stories

Meet Daniel; one of our Temp to Perm success stories

One of our recent Temps, Daniel, is what we like to call a Temp to Perm success story. He has gone from temping and gaining experience within multiple boutiques and department stores, to us helping him land a permanent role with an iconic luxury brand.

Temporary work can be an incredible stepping stone in your retail career if you show eagerness and professionalism - you never know where it could lead. To get a permanent job within luxury retail you often need years of experience on your CV with similar brands to the company you are applying to and it doesn’t matter how hard working you are, or what grades you graduated university with.

Temping on the other hand is partly about experience, but we would argue that an enthusiastic and proactive attitude will get you just as far. If you know how to deliver flawless customer service we can help you get your foot in the door with some iconic fashion brands. You will make crucial connections in the industry, all while getting paid weekly and working flexible hours.

My friend gave me really good feedback about Four Seasons Recruitment, mentioning how organised you are and how much you care about your Temps. I remember I got unemployed on a Friday, called you the same afternoon and the next Tuesday I was already working, so everything was super quick and easy.

- Daniel

Daniel registered with Four Seasons Recruitment in early 2018 and worked actively with us for nearly 8 months. During this time he worked with an array of luxury brands across menswear, footwear and accessories; all to get as much exposure to the industry as possible as his goal was to eventually get a permanent position with a top brand.

Daniel's advice to other Temps that are looking for a permanent role is to show your Manager how badly you want to learn and to engage and build relationships with you colleagues, as when deciding whether to hire someone the Manager always like to ensure you are a team player.

It doesn't matter how many millions you can sell; if you don't have a good relationship with the team it won't work. I'm still hanging out with my old colleagues for beers, football matches etc., so this is something that worked very well for me.

Out of my own experience, brands call for Temps when they're short of staff, so what i did a few times was to offer to do some overtime if needed (if they don't need it at least you have shown interest). Managers really appreciate this!

- Daniel

Temping was ideal to Daniel at the time of his registration, but as soon as he felt like taking the next step in his retail career he mentioned this to us and asked if we could help. At this point we had a great relationship with Daniel and knew he had received glowing feedback from several brands. We had confidence in his abilities and knew what a fantastic employee he was.

After finding out what he was looking for in his next role we put him forward for a few exciting Sales Assistant positions. 12 days later he was offer a job with an amazing brand which he happily accepted. It was bittersweet to deactivate his Temp profile but we are very proud of Daniel’s journey and are excited to see what his future holds.

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