A London Men’s Fashion Week Special: How to dress like a front row pro.

Dress like an Individual

For a man it is easy to show off with some outstanding details. Keep your outfit simple but compromise with some interesting accessories ,give it a touch of humour. Good examples are a pin or a pocket square.


Make sure it’s the right fit.

When you wear a suit, it is very important you have the right tailoring. A lot of men don’t know what the right size is. It is essential to make sure the fit is correct and the best way to find out is to speak with an experienced tailor. When you wear a suit it’s very easy to impress, just to wear the right suit and show off the British classic style. Style with some smart shoes and a pair of dark sunglasses and you’re ready to go.


Don’t be afraid to dress up!

Try to bring some variety in your outfits, as men are more likely to stay with the safe. Fashion is to play around and have fun with. The main message is, don’t be scared! A suit can change your image and make you shine with confidence.


Buy timeless statement pieces.

The basics are essential and worth an investment. A good pair of leather lace-up evening shoes will always complete any look. Together with a great suit you will be ready for any occasion.