Are you ready to try red?

Are you ready to try red?

Never underestimate the impact of a statement red lipstick. It represents the feminine, sexy, smart, bold powerful woman – so why do 54% of British women feel that this striking fashion statement is difficult to wear?

The statement red lip dates back to centuries ago when Cleopatra adopted red lipstick as her iconic look. Ever since this, red lips have always been a controversial topic for women (and men). With celebrities rocking the bold look, there is no reason why we can’t join in.
As a strong believer in wearing red lipstick I feel confident and smart when I wear it to the office. With a shade to suit every complexion, and every budget, there is no reason us females should fear the statement red lippy – you just need to make sure you follow these simple do’s and don’ts.

Do get the shade right
Many beauty experts recommend for the darker skinned, a bright coral shade of red is often the best match; and for paler complexions try and stick to darker more cool shades. However, always remember to keep the rest of your make-up simple.

Don’t smudge
One of the ultimate fashion faux pas has to be the lipstick smudging on to your teeth. With Holly Willoughby recently being slated in the press for not telling a celebrity guest that their lipstick had smudged onto their teeth, many women avoid red lips at all costs for this exact reason. However, I always carry my FSRL pocket mirror to keep my lipstick in check, and never over do it with the layers.

Do coordinate the outfit
One of the many benefits of red lippy is that it can transform a plain daytime outfit into a bold evening look. Just make sure you don’t clash colours – avoid pinks and oranges or you may be attracting attention for the wrong reasons!

Do Smile
Red lipstick has the benefit of making your pearly white shine even brighter so don’t be afraid to smile and wear it with confidence - let your lips do the talking!

Written by Kate Petrie