Millennials: How to Attract & Engage

Millennials: How to Attract & Engage

A new generation is driving the bottom line. Expected to make up almost 50% of the workforce by 2020, millennials are starting to dominate the working landscape. This has a direct impact on recruitment activities as companies have to take into account who these millennials actually are, how to motivate them and how they can add value to their business.

However, many companies are falling at the first hurdle as they struggle to attract millennials, resulting in a crucial skill shortages which can adversely affect the quality of work produced in organisations. 

Here’s some tactics you can utilise as an employer to attract and engage millennials: 

Get Social
You really need to embrace social media if you want to get the attention of millennials. Millennials spend massive chunks of their day online and consume a huge amount of information, particularly on social which dominates the online experience.
As an employer, you need to have a presence on social as it represents a perfect channel for you to ‘sell’ your company to potential millennial candidates; company culture, behind-the-scenes videos, employee spotlights etc. Millennials are information savages so it is important to satisfy their appetite!

Embrace Mobile
Smartphone usage increased by 78% from 2013-2015 and this has been primarily driven by millennials who we already know are very tech-savvy. This means they have the ability to browse for career opportunities online. In fact, Indeed found that 78% of job seekers use mobile to search and apply for jobs. The implications of this for employers is that they have to optimise their career site for mobile as a poor user experience can affect millennials’ perceptions of the company.

Make the Benefits Millennial-Friendly
Before the influx of millennials, workers valued transactional needs more than anything else but the millennial candidates today want other perks. It is clear than millennials are looking for the full package rather than their cheque at the end of the month so it is time to shift your focus from strictly cash bonuses. Millennials want to be given tasks that allow them to stretch themselves and develop new skills. The same goes for work-life balance which is particularly salient when dealing with millennials.

Invest Time in Your Company Reputation
We live in a world where everyone can have an online voice which translates into comments and reviews on company-branded accounts. Therefore, companies need to minimise unfavourable mentions by monitoring and influencing conversations online. This is particularly applicable to millennials who value reputation as they seek to work to have a purpose and be proud of their company. The company is an important part of their self-concept and their social identity.

Recruiting is tough at any level but the audience that companies are now dealing with requires a different approach compared to previous generations. Because of the need to maintain a steady flow of employees, recruiters have to change how they look for people”. Following these tactics will stand you in good stead to attract this new generation.