Brexit: moving forwards

Brexit: moving forwards.

So we now know the UK will leave the EU.

There will be 2 years of negotiation which will lead to new trade deals with the EU. Members of the EU want to trade with the UK.

The UK will also have new global trade opportunities.

No doubt other EU members will question their own membership, already French and Dutch politicians are asking for their own referendum.

I started a recruitment business in 1989. In 1992 the UK experienced Black Wednesday after negotiating out of the ERM (Exchange Rate Mechanism). At the time, business leaders described the move as catastrophic, however keeping the British Pound and not aligning with the Euro actually proved to be a good move.

So, even though the vast majority of us at Four Seasons Recruitment, over 90%, wanted to Remain, we now have to accept the decision and move forward with a positive outlook.

Malcolm Costello