Retail Salary Survey & Market Update 2016


At Four Seasons Recruitment we continue to strive to add quality to the recruitment partnerships we are continually developing with our clients. One of the ways in which we do this is by sharing the knowledge and industry insights we acquire whilst working with so many retail brands.

Each year, we publish a Salary Survey & Market Update, detailing the market trends we have observed over the past year, the trends we are predicting to see and listing average salary bandings for retail roles.

The Temp Market is a significant and growing part of the retail industry and retail recruitment. Our Market Update explores the trends and changes in the supply of temporary staff and examines the reasons for these changes.

Our update is broken down by Region, Department and Sales/Management roles to give you the most accurate and detailed insight into how the retail market has evolved over the past year and what is in store for the year to come.

We would love to talk through our findings and share our recently published Salary Survey & Market Update with you. If you are an existing or new client and would like a copy of our Salary Survey & Market Update, please contact one of our Consultants, who would be happy to arrange a visit and share it with you.

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