Managing Motivation

Managing Motivation
When it comes to motivation, it’s natural for there to be ebbs and flows. Motivation may vary depending on the circumstances the employee is facing, whether it is work related, or something in their personal life. Managers can’t necessarily motivate employees since motivation needs to come from within the person, however, Managers can help build a culture that encourages motivation.

Here are 4 simple ways to help you start creating a motivational culture today:

Ask about goals and objectives 
Understand how your employees want to grow and how they plan to achieve their goals. If you are aware of your employee’s goals and objectives you will be able to help provide a culture to support them and encourage their achievements. 

Engage with your junior level staff
Bring junior level staff to client visits (with a role) and/or include them on key project teams. The Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce, so it’s more important than ever to engage with this group of employees and show your genuine interest in their growth.

Keep a positive attitude!
Energy is contagious. Don’t forget that your staff look to you to keep them up! Being honest, yet staying positive can be a game-changer in creating a motivational culture.

Provide employees with challenging and diverse work
Employees may be looking for opportunities outside of their typical job description. During performance review time (or sooner), ask them what they would really like to be working on…be prepared – it may be something entirely different from what they are doing.

Remember, you can’t motivate employees, but you can create an environment that inspires and supports their motivation. As leaders and Managers, it’s important to create a motivational culture – it’s much easier to sustain motivation and engagement when it’s part of who you are as an organisation!