How Productive is Your Day?

How Productive is Your Day?
The Top 10 things successful people do in the morning...

1. Wake up super early (4.30am for the CEO of Apple)
2. Meditate with the silence of dawn (like Oprah does)
3. Exercise (to give them energy for their 14 hour days!)
4. Eat a nutritious breakfast (oats and fruits)
5. Read newspapers (this is their FUN - Warren Buffet reads 6 in the morning)
6. Keep their inboxes organised, tidy and SHINY - decluttering their inbox declutters their life - they then spend the time they have saved self-educating
7. Plan their day - to-do lists are VITAL to success....
8. They visualise how their day is going to turn out (positive state of mind and visualising a smooth and productive day is important- a good, positive mind can take on the day's challenges)
9. They prioritise everything and do the 'hard ones' first, when they're the most focused and energised (in the morning)
10. Then most of the work is done!

Doing all of the above takes care of 90% of the workload. The reason we get tired during the day is from lack of planning and lack of prioritising, leaving us rushing at the end of the day to finish all of our tasks...