After a record breaking Christmas on the temps division, we celebrated by inviting our top 5 temps to a beautifully catered lunch and presenting them with prizes to honour their success. They received gift vouchers, designer stationery, chocolates and a Four Seasons goodie bag. We selected our Top Temps based on feedback from clients, attendance, grooming and communication with our team.

Meet our amazing temps...

Luciana who has been with Four Seasons for 6 years, stays because the flexible nature of temping suits her lifestyle. Her tip for other temps: 

‘Politely explain that you are new to the brand and will endeavor to find the information for the customer. Never give information that you are unsure about or pretend to know something you don’t.’

Alexander who has also been with us for 6 years:

‘I chose the agency because they were clear about their expectations of me as a temporary worker and friendly and open about where 'I' would like to work and what I felt comfortable with. The agency has always strived to get me great placements and everyone has been very supportive and looked after my needs.’

Martin is new to the agency, having joined towards the end of 2015. He comes from a design background so has a creative eye and loves to work for high end menswear brands specialising in made-to-measure.

Setsuko also joined Four Seasons towards the end of 2015, choosing us because:

‘The staff were very friendly. I was very nervous on the assessment day as I had an awful experience with a different agency and I thought Four Seasons would be the same. However, Sarah Biggs was very friendly and created such a relaxed atmosphere, in which I felt easy to talk. As soon as I registered with Four Seasons, they started offering me job opportunities.’

Tina was our Christmas star. Her tips? 

‘Interact with as many people as possible and don’t just hide behind the tills. Be reliable & punctual in your attendance and be enthusiastic and take ownership of your station.’

Thanks to Tina, Setsuko, Martin, Luciana and Alexander, as well as all of our other amazing temps, we had the best Four Seasons Christmas ever. If you’re a temp, then keep working hard - you could be a Temp of the Quarter next time! If you’re a client, then please keep up the feedback and let us know if you think that one of your regular temps should be nominated.