The Girls Network: My first meet with my mentee

After being assigned to our Girls Network Mentees, it was time to plan session one. I decided that this time should be spent getting to know my Mentee and planning what she wanted to gain from our time together over the next year. We met at a mutual coffee shop with hot chocolates to warm us up.

The first half of our session I dedicated to getting to know each other by taking it in turns to ask each other questions. My mentee was shy to begin with, so I went first and discovered she loved swimming, had a very supportive family and wanted to become a teacher. Finding mutual similarities at this point I felt was of upmost importance therefore explained that I had a couple of Teachers in my family and that although I didn’t do much swimming, I enjoyed running which it turns out, she does also.

By this point I felt we had built the foundations of a rapor and we moved onto part two of the session. My Mentee wanted work experience and help improving her confidence, especially with talking to new people and presentations. I told her that I was once also very shy in these situations however this was now a regular part of my job and we can definitely work on these points which she seemed very excited and relieved about. I also said I would try to arrange for her to come into Four Seasons Recruitment for a day in her Christmas holidays.

Even at the end of just our first session together, my Mentee said that she felt much more confident and excited for us to work together. I’m looking forward to our next meet up and the year ahead with my mentee.

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