Harrods sets the bar high for the seasonal TV ads!


Now that Halloween has been and gone, it’s time to settle on the sofa in our winter warmers and wait as the much anticipated seasonal adverts appear on our screens. Seven weeks before the big day, Harrods have definitely raised the bar being the first in a series of holiday offerings from the big high street stores, including John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury's.

The short film called A Very British Bear, tells the story of Hugh the teddy bear and his task to break the spell of a cheeky elf who wants to ruin Christmas.

In a palace called Harrods, Hugh is one of the magical toys who helps Father Christmas get ready for the big day. But a cheeky elf has other ideas, and freezes the palace under a wintry spell, meaning Christmas may well be ruined if he can’t find a way to defrost the palace, and the workers, out.

Of course Hugh managed to save the day, and was crowned Prince Hugh, The Brave and Kind after Rudolf and Father Christmas came to assist. 

Work on this film started back in January and was written by Harrods Director Of Creative Marketing Deborah Bee who was inspired by the store’s bear.

Have you fallen in love with Hugh? He’s real, you know. Well, real in the sense you can buy your own to keep to eye on Christmas this year.

Hugh the bear is £24.95 and The Very British Bear Tale story book will be available to buy in store for £5.99.

Click here to buy Hugh the Bear from the Harrods website

It looks as if the store is looking to mirror the success of John Lewis, who managed to sell-out their Monty the penguin toys in 2014.