Selfridges unveils the 2016 Christmas window displays

Halloween may be on the doorstep, but the Christmas season is creeping right behind. The supermarket shelves are already stocked with boxes of crackers and that famous Coca-Cola advert will be on our screens soon. But nothing kicks off the festivities like the unveiling of the window displays at Selfridges!

This afternoon, Oxford Street saw the much anticipated Christmas window displays unveiled at Selfridges. Father Christmas is the star of both the windows and the in-store decoration, which Selfridges claims are the first in the world to be launched this year.

The 2016 theme - titled ‘Shine on!’ - is said to be an open invitation for everyone to enjoy the festive season whilst watching the magical mischief our beloved Father Christmas is up to on his Alpine adventures!

“It's been so much fun thinking up all the different scenarios for Santa to be partying in. We're constantly adding little details to make sure everyone who sees them chuckles - there's lots of humour this year.” - Chief Window Designer, Morag Hickmott.

Every window see’s festive figure wearing a handmade bespoke sequin suit – each one taking 193 hours to make.

The open invitation does not stop with just visual displays, as 5 of the windows have an accompanying party soundtrack. The music is played via a special speaker that uses the glass to convey sound.

From dancing on tables to Jacuzzi’s filled with multi-coloured baubles, Santa sure is up to some trouble this Christmas!