Bear Grylls Survival Race

Four Seasons Recruitment have supported the Girls Network Trust over the past 7 months. The Girls Network Trust aim to inspire and empower girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them with a mentor and a network of professional female role models.

Along with a weekly bar, whereby all proceeds go straight to the trust, and additional fundraisers such as clothes sales, a little while ago we were offered the opportunity to take part in the Bear Grylls Survival Race.
This is a 10k run with 36 different survival challenges and obstacles. We signed up with the mind set that this was months in advance, the idea was fun and obviously for a truly fantastic cause.

Before we knew it, the race was around the corner and on Saturday 8th October, four unathletic employees of Four Seasons Recruitment embarked on the challenge.

Waiting at the start line amongst some very muscly racing fanatics, we joined in with the warm up, as if we needed reminding of our absent fitness!

Once the horn went off and we ran through the start line, we had a sudden burst of confidence as we kept up with the rest of the runners for the best part of five minutes. This adrenaline was soon put to a halt when we reached our first obstacle. Carrying a rucksack heavier than we could even lift. This soon put Lydia on the floor requiring all three of us to get her back onto two feet! It later turned out that Lydia’s strength was her fear of absolutely nothing and her potential to be the next Lara Croft! Soon after, we discovered Beckie’s hidden strength … the monkey bars… whilst the three of us fell into the pit of straw, Beckie proved herself to be a pro, surprising not only us but the organisers themselves! Laura, the motivator of the group, proved herself to push us all through and guide me down obstacles I consistently got stuck at the top of due to my fear of heights!


10 k and 36 obstacles later (including pulling weights, climbing insane heights, jumping over fire, starting fire, eating maggots, crawling under barbed wire, shooting shot guns and climbing ropes) Lydia Sherimani, Laura Korzcyck, Beckie Bellamy and Felicity Beavis cross the finish line full of pride and memories!