Christmas is coming...!

As we creep ever closer to Christmas, the applications for seasonal retail jobs begin.
Thousands of job-seekers are being swept into temporary work for the Christmas holidays, many of them doing so unaware of what Christmas retail jobs really entail. They’ve seen the advert and put their CV forward, possibly excited at the prospect of making some extra money, possibly worried about whether working a temp job will be a nightmare.

Luckily, there are many positive aspects of seasonal work.

A temporary job can act as a gateway to opportunity. You never know what hard work in a seasonal role can lead to with regards to future prospects. If you impress your employer, there’s a good chance they’ll consider you for their next available permanent role. And if you really wow your employer might just create a new role to avoid losing you when your contract expires.

Your time in a Christmas temp job will make your CV another reference stronger. If you’re looking at further retail jobs in future, you’ll soon realise the value of a good industry reference. And even if you’re not interested in pursuing roles in the sector, you’ll still be gaining an employer who will vouch for you in your job hunt.

The great thing about retail jobs is that they demand a huge variety of core skills such as customer service, teamwork and problem-solving. They also demand high levels of confidence and communication skills. Everything you learn in a retail role can be used in a future position, regardless of level or sector. From your temp Christmas job, your experience will be invaluable.

Most retailers are open extra hours throughout the Christmas period. You could be expected to work Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve…maybe even Christmas Day and New Year’s Day . Be prepared for hard work and long hours !!!

You’ll be constantly busy working as a Christmas temp . There’ll be queues out of the door, chaos on the shop floor and a never-ending amount of running around to do.

In the run-up to Christmas, customers will be stressed, snappy, demanding and very probably rude. There’s no denying it, you need a thick skin to work in retail in the Christmas period.

A seasonal role will keep you in the game, and earning money for Christmas.

If you see a Christmas temp job as a stopgap, that’s all it will ever be. If you see it as a springboard for success, however, you might just get more leverage than you imagine.
Happy Christmas 

PS. It’s also so much fun.