Selfridges - The Countdown To Christmas Begins!

Christmas may seem a long way away for some of us but in the retail world, the count down has already begun!

London department store Selfridges launched it’s Christmas shop on Monday, transforming 3,000 square feet of its fourth floor into festive winter wonderland filled with Christmas Decorations. Father Christmas himself even took the time to welcome shoppers.

“We have so many customers visiting from all over the world and eager to snap up festive souvenirs on their summer holidays, which they can’t buy at home. So, we have to make sure we’re ready to showcase Christmas decorations.” Explains Geraldine James, Selfridges’ Christmas home and decorations buyer.

The second phase of the Christmas shop will open in autumn, which will see the festive floor space double in size. Once open fully, the store will include more than 60,000 baubles, over 120 cracker options, and more than 1,250 different cards and wrapping-paper designs.