Key Fashion Trends To Expect This Autumn/Winter

We were delighted when our September issue of Vogue landed on our desks this morning, providing the Four Seasons office with an insight into the key trends for Autumn/Winter. So here's our 7 favourites trends you should expect to see over the next few months!

1. New Heritage
Expect to see tweed coats and waistcoats making a come back.

2. Folk style dresses
Floaty long sleeved dresses with paisley or bright coloured flowers are going to be big!

3. Tall boots
Tight, tall, suede boots are going to be the only footwear to be seen in this winter.

4. Wide leg trousers
Put your skinny jeans away! This Autumn/Winter it's time for the "super trousers" - tight at the waist and then wide all the way down.

5. Waist belts
Whatever you're wearing, grab a waist belt and cinch it in!

5. Pussybows
An office wear classic! We'll all be wearing bright coloured blouses with big bows in the Four Seasons office.  

6. Fringing
Boots, jackets, bags, you'll find everything fringed this Autumn.

7. Bold lace
Forget pretty white lace, look out for bright red, purple and blue lace to ensure you are on trend.