Kew Gardens – Full of Spice

A summer festival bursting with taste, scent and colour.

We don’t think twice about the pepper mill on our dining table or the vanilla in our ice cream, but the power of some plants to colour, flavour and preserve makes them worth more than their weight in gold.

Today you can explore the botanical origins of these mystical commodities. From the distant lands in which they grow, to the botanists who have authenticated them at Kew for hundreds of years, their stories will come to life through a programme bursting with workshops, interactive installations and exhibitions.

Share spice stories at the Spice Exchange, create your very own blend of fragrant spice, take part in a beautiful rangoli masterpiece, ride on a rickshaw, and discover spicy star plants within the Gardens.

This wonderful festival is taking place right now at Kew Gardens and we have some of our fabulous temps helping at the event!

This is definitely worth a day out!